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often the land was empty, and uninhabited. funny how theives often used that excuse. I didn't know it belonged to anybody.

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Vomi 4 months ago
Yolabar 4 months ago
When oil prices goes up? Does Russia benefit?
Kigis 4 months ago
Your god raped a 12 year old
Sharr 4 months ago
Guess we will see if the DA does anything.
Feramar 3 months ago
You were saying? :)
Mekazahn 3 months ago
and i'm waiting for yours. to prove me wrong.
Mosida 3 months ago
Not if he was YOUR Dad.
Zutaxe 3 months ago
And a few others, Make up your mind please
Shaktilrajas 3 months ago
How do you mean?
Voodoogore 2 months ago
It is Saturday, just saying.
Zulkikus 2 months ago
"But they do take government grant money , right?"
Mezishicage 2 months ago
Anything you like :)
Gardasho 2 months ago
but it has been tried here in the US
Taurisar 2 months ago
...and a cutie to boot....??LOL
Goltisho 2 months ago
That's the whole issue.
Kazira 1 month ago
Recommended reading for you:
Kerisar 1 month ago
Trump paid russian troll
Nekasa 1 month ago
Relax. It's a joke. Like the OP.
Sharamar 1 month ago
Okay. And how is this relevant?
Kezragore 1 month ago
.... and a camel's hump.
Mezira 1 month ago
He didn't Fail.... He's not a BTCH....
Shaktizil 3 weeks ago
I forgot what goes next!!
Kajikree 3 weeks ago
What arguments have I advanced?
Yokree 3 weeks ago
This is tiptoeing on channel rule violations:/
Karr 2 weeks ago
I love turkey. Do you deep fry yours?
Togul 6 days ago
Your a cool lady, I'm glad I met you
Faekazahn 5 days ago
We need to get rid of the CBC.

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