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?The Plains Cree followed the buffalo herds in a nomadic lifestyle. For the Eastern Cree, fishing and hunting seals from canoes were more important. Cree women gathered nuts and fruits, and in southern bands, they also grew some corn?.

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Mezizilkree 10 months ago
Uh, it was illegal...unconstitutional....stupid....etc.
Dagor 9 months ago
Never works if your a fat head capitalist.
Jumuro 9 months ago
He edited out the first two definitions!
Mazujar 9 months ago
We agree on this.
Fenrishura 9 months ago
We simply reject the existence of an objective evil.
Aralkis 9 months ago other words, the minority in this country !!!
Zuluzuru 9 months ago
Lol I live by a Drury lane
Durr 8 months ago
The worst? Idiots will post tripe like this!
Shagul 8 months ago
Couldn?t have said it better. Thank you
Grogul 8 months ago
dammit, that's pure logic. ??

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