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710 05:3511 months ago

Understood. No real reason to argue that thought process at all until we enter into the Collective Consciousness with attempts to Redefine social definitions ( acutely/violently/by force ) to be the inverse of what we say vs. what we actually do. Those billions of years you speak of set some pretty clear Standards, imho.

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Dagrel 10 months ago
My favorite is the Orange cat
Dazragore 10 months ago
I resist your request.
Vishicage 10 months ago
Thanks. Plagiarism's a dead giveaway for intellectual dishonesty.
Kazrashakar 10 months ago
How are they breaking down nations?
Kigahn 9 months ago
What if it?s just sex?
Kitaur 9 months ago
From GOP, in droves. The intellectuals anyway.
Kagasho 9 months ago
wait a woman of 60??
Maubei 9 months ago
Wow. Someone's on a fire and brimstone kick.
Tujind 9 months ago
Really sick and degenerating
Nikobar 9 months ago
Raven... As a Coyote, I WANT to help you.
Fenrirn 9 months ago
This would include the religion of evolution?
Tezil 8 months ago
You want to say, "their" business, not "there" business.
Vikus 8 months ago
Right... identity politics at it's finest.
Kajisho 8 months ago
I feel ignoring history is dangerous.
Gozahn 8 months ago
It's a good thing libtards can't meme.
Goltizragore 8 months ago
It's not the truth if it doesn't happen!
Yogore 8 months ago
There is a general prejudice against atheists?
Voodoomuro 7 months ago
Not if they build the wall.
Grozil 7 months ago
What does a BJ in an alley net her?
Nikomi 7 months ago
A cause is not a creator.
Tygonos 7 months ago
Who is on first
Guzahn 6 months ago
Now Obumho has matching bookends.
Kezil 6 months ago
Ah. I see. You've created your own taxonomic system.
Dole 6 months ago
wow, I would not endorse a public beheading,
Dousida 6 months ago
But it is knowledge.
Majinn 6 months ago
This guy thinks physics are not involed in astronomy

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