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873 04:038 months ago

All religions have wrecklessly murdered hundreds of thousands before Muhammad decided to take up the occupation.

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Kazralkree 8 months ago
you will fit right in
Marisar 7 months ago
Haven't seen.him for some time.
Tacage 7 months ago
But she is hot though
Tygotaxe 7 months ago
Wow! Tell me, do I believe in god, too?
Kile 7 months ago
Maybe not quite that old. lol
Sagore 7 months ago
Are you the gray haired guy wearing the visor?
Goltisho 6 months ago
So - did anyone actually
Mezikree 6 months ago
Well, when the press constantly edits, twists and fabricates
Aradal 6 months ago
An absurd, ludicrous observation.
Zolora 6 months ago
Exactly what is your
Junris 6 months ago
cough cough Bill Clinton lol
Samujar 6 months ago
Yet another septuagenarian in our government suffering from dementia.
Kegis 5 months ago
Very old but still looking young
Gozilkree 5 months ago
So your answer to my query is?
Bara 5 months ago
This is a problem how?
Najin 5 months ago
Is that the dude from kill bill
Vidal 5 months ago
God is love(1John 4:8).
Kazralmaran 5 months ago
Also Pinche Memo, cant forget about him
Doukus 5 months ago
I'd be worried that my child might get robbed.
Nakree 4 months ago
I never want to pass
Vor 4 months ago
Was Adam a Hebrew?
Mukazahn 4 months ago
And who created humanity as flawed as it is?

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