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394 15:0210 months ago

I was on the fence, but if he's got the NRA's imprimatur, I'm all-in for Kavanaugh! /s

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Doulrajas 10 months ago
Ikr? but I still luvs him!
Vugrel 10 months ago
whatever you say Mr. Chronically Indignant.
Babar 9 months ago
Leave now, before the Trump debt becomes impossible.
Meztizil 9 months ago
Right after they ban Loius Farakhan-never.
Zulkisar 9 months ago
hate and intolerance is taught
Taucage 8 months ago
Perhaps Alex Jones shouldn't be on the air!
Fenos 8 months ago
Ok. So you're saying we also need these things?
Magor 8 months ago
it?s a new day now.
Fenrizragore 8 months ago
She brings her milkshake to the yard.
Faujinn 8 months ago
No it is .03%
Narg 8 months ago
There should be no guilt after penance.
Mazugrel 8 months ago
Charming, outgoing, outspoken and beautiful of course
Tushura 8 months ago
You are correct, sir!
Mezim 7 months ago
Can you explain the above in plain English?
Taubar 7 months ago
that is too bad
Yomi 7 months ago
He actually often brings up Denmark, not Norway.
Gozshura 7 months ago
Wha? When did I do that?
Miktilar 7 months ago
I'd try it, I'm actually curious about snake meat.
JoJogar 6 months ago
I said it was
Dibei 6 months ago
lols, can anyone be out of questions???
Grogal 6 months ago
You see the trees but miss the forest.
Kigajora 6 months ago
Incorrect. He fulfilled the Messianic prophecies to a T.
Gotilar 6 months ago
The newer article isn't subjective.
Gardajas 5 months ago
Make Adoptions Great Again.??
Bashura 5 months ago
Hidden Yup. You can't hide what isn't there, eh!
Mezil 5 months ago
Cruelty and Violence in the Bible :
Dushicage 5 months ago
Who are you or me to decide?

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