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81 12:117 months ago

YES!!!!! You really hit the whole point of this anger at being called a racist nonsense.. If you AREN'T ALL racists then why were you all cool with Trump calling ALL Mexicans RAPISTS. Besides why is the reaction to being called a racist to kill someone!?

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Gardanris 7 months ago
Oh you like ladies feet too.
Kazik 7 months ago
And none of those struck by the car died.
Kazigis 7 months ago
There are 30 questions..
Fenrimi 7 months ago
I would ask Al Capone where the money is.
Mashicage 7 months ago
I NEVER admitted to lying bobbie.
Megrel 6 months ago
There are other names but yeah
Mikus 6 months ago
Was hoping you were deported by now.
Dakree 6 months ago
First you must read Bible.
Kazralmaran 6 months ago
I was one of the 37 retweets.
Volkis 6 months ago
Jesus didn't condone sin, ever.
Zuramar 5 months ago
Amazing, everything you said there is wrong.
JoJolkis 5 months ago
You are? ...I need to get out more...
Arashisho 5 months ago
which one is which?
Meztimi 5 months ago
"So, you believed before you read it."
Voodooktilar 5 months ago
Hmm isn't that good??
Mezuru 5 months ago
In other words, you can't and evolution can.
Shaktikus 5 months ago
White. White white white.
Moogutaur 5 months ago
So life should conform to a human contrivance? hahaha
Brarg 4 months ago
I'm gifholic beware XD
Zulkikus 4 months ago
Oh yes, it's all coming back to me now
Nekasa 4 months ago
There is eternal space.
Kazrakora 4 months ago
Not everyone and everything is corrupt though.
Nazilkree 4 months ago
I think Global Warming is more a

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